About Us

Surety360 is a coalition of companies dedicated to the technological advancement of the surety industry to improve efficiency and exceed consumer expectations. We are constantly working to provide fast and reliable services to our customers.

To do this, we stay motivated by our four main values: technology, accuracy, speed, and exemplary customer service.


The four pillars of Surety360 hold members to the highest standards in the surety industry:


We integrate innovative solutions into the core of our business model to expedite the bonding process and eliminate friction for all stakeholders:
surety professionals, consumers, and obligees. Taking advantage of emerging platforms is a requirement.


We maintain the industry’s best, smartest, and most accurate bond form library. The backbone of our proprietary technology allows us to customize the consumer’s experience to their particular bond needs while eliminating avoidable mistakes.


We understand the intangible value of time. Qualifying bonds can be automatically issued in 6 minutes (360 seconds) or less without agent intervention 24/7 once payment is received. During business hours, underwritten accounts are quoted, on average, in less than 17 minutes.


We employ the industry’s leading customer service team Mondays through Fridays from 7 AM – 7 PM CST. Whether consumers prefer to communicate via email, online chat, text, or a good ol’ fashioned phone call, our team of experts can answer questions and service change requests same-day.


To become Surety360 certified, a company must constantly be striving to provide this efficiency to their customers. Through online services, it should take someone no more than 360 seconds, or six minutes, to make their way through the process of purchasing a surety bond. A process that is swift and simple should not include any fees or paperwork for the customer.
The Surety360 symbol holds companies to the highest standard of productivity and accessibility. It is our utmost priority to ensure customers are receiving the most efficient and comprehensive surety services available. When you see the Surety360 seal, you can rest assured that your needs will be met in the best way possible.